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Specialist Publishers Lead the Way in Digital New Survey Reveals

07 Apr 2011

The top-line results from the UK (InPublishing/Specialist Media Show) survey of around 200 publishers polling their views on paid online content, live events, apps, digital editions and social media has revealed specialist publishers are leading the way in digital and still have faith in print. Publishers were also asked how all these new media channels will expand their brands, and what they thought was the future of print.

They are an interesting group, with a strong bias to MDs, publishers and owners in niche consumer and B2B media businesses, under £10m turnover.

With an even split across consumer and business, 89 per cent publish printed magazines, 89 per cent publish online, 70 per cent publish e-newsletters, 47 per cent live events and 19 per cent mobile.

Take-up of digital media channels is good, with plans for further expansion:

  • 34 per cent are charging for online content now - and another 15 per cent have plans to do so in the next two years
  • One-third of those can charge several hundred pounds for annual subscriptions
  • 16 per cent already charge for web-based digital editions, and a further 12 per cent bundle with a print subscription
  • 22 per cent already have a mobile app or are about to launch - a further 15 per cent plan a launch in the next year. Business models are split between sponsored and paid, with lots of testing in process
  • 34 per cent plan a digital archive - either subs-driven or ad-funded
  • 42 per cent are planning a tablet edition
  • 53 per cent are planning to add video content
  • New innovative online services are also being considered for the next two years: 70 per cent are considering running online networking services, 63 per cent webinars, 53 per cent virtual events and 39 per cent distance learning

View more results of the survey.


Source: FIPP



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