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Global Research Win to Australian Publisher

12 May 2011

The FIPP Research Awards took place at a special dinner in Paris this month and celebrated the best research that promotes the use of magazines as an advertising medium, anywhere in the world. Australia was in the mix.

The US association of magazine media, MPA, won the overall prize at the FIPP Research Awards. The entry, entitled ‘Marketing Mix Modeling and Media Inputs', won the Award for Best Research by a National Association, and the judges felt that the study should also be the Overall Winner.

The shortlist for the overall prize were:

1. Ad Buzz for brands advertised in magazines, Feminagroup, Indonesia;
2. Brand Impact Panel, BBC Magazines, UK;
3. Buyers Action Measure, Pacific Magazines, Australia;
4. Custometer, Custo (customer publishers association), Belgium;
5. Inputs for Media Mix Modeling, MPA, USA;
6. Magazine Ad Effectiveness and its Perception, Czech Publishers Association, Czech Republic;
7. Measuring ROI for Magazine Ads, Sanoma Magazines, Finland;
8. Mediabrain, Sanoma Uitgevers, The Netherlands;
9. Psychology of Evolving Media and Technology, University of Helsinki, Finland;
10. Russian Trendformers, Hachette Filipacchi Shkulev, Russia.

US market research company GfK MRI sponsored the Awards dinner, and Kathi Love, its president and CEO, presented the winners with trophies.

Commenting on the winning entry, the panel of judges said: "The winning entry reviews a series of independent studies of marketing models, and demonstrates what a significant difference the inputs about magazine audiences make. It also shows precisely what information is necessary to use in the models, including weekly magazine ratings and readership accumulation - which too often are missed by modellers. The entry also underlines the benefit of a software system which makes it much easier for modellers to be supplied with the most appropriate magazine information; the online modelling tool described is groundbreaking. The ideas from this entry can be employed in other countries, and will support the effectiveness of magazines worldwide."

The full list of FIPP Research Award winners is:

Best research by a national association
‘Marketing Mix Modeling and Media Inputs'
MPA - The Association of Magazine Media, USA
Highly commended:
‘Magazine Advertising Effectiveness and its Perception'
Czech Publishers Association, Czech Republic

Best research by a single company
‘Buyers Action Measure (BAM)'
Pacific Magazines, Australia
Research agency: McNair Ingenuity, Australia
Highly commended:
‘ROI Measurement of Magazine Advertisements'
Sanoma Magazines, Finland
Research agency: IRO Research, Finland

Best innovation in magazine research
‘Media Brain'
Sanoma Uitgevers, The Netherlands
Research agency: Neurensics, The Netherlands

Overall winner
‘Marketing Mix Modeling and Media Inputs'
MPA - The Association of Magazine Media, USA

The judges also commented on the other two award winning entries:

Pacific Magazines' BAM: Best research by a single company
"This entry deals with a very relevant issue for magazines: return on investment. Results are presented for individual advertisements and, in aggregate, for magazines as a whole. The method provides hard data, applicable data which sales people find easy to use, and it supports a vital power of magazines: advertising in magazines influences and moves people. The Action scores, and the BAM scores showing action among buyers, are fruitful summary statistics, as are comparisons between the two kinds of score. The study also provides a basis for comparisons with other media including television."

Media Brain: Best innovation in magazine research
"This entry used an exceptionally innovative and stimulating approach - neuroscience involving brain scanning - in obtaining a deeper understanding of how magazines communicate with readers. It proves in a novel way the impact created by magazine content including the advertising, and it stresses the value of readers engaging with their favourite magazines. The technique also provides comparisons with television, and shows in an entirely fresh way that magazine advertisements benefit from creating less interruption to the editorial content than TV commercials. The study will probably arouse some controversy; it should certainly provoke some positive discussion about magazine advertising and its effects."

FIPP president and CEO, Chris Llewellyn said: "The FIPP Research Awards exist to recognise the fabulous work going on within research departments of magazine media groups. We all believe instinctively in the power of magazine brands, but having independent empirical evidence to prove the case will always be essential. This year's winning study from the MPA won because it is an innovative piece of work that will be taken up by many other associations and media groups, not least because the study led to changes in the way advertisers assess magazine advertising effectiveness, and has had a positive impact on publishers' bottom line."


Summaries of the Research Award entries will be available at


Source: FIPP

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