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Magazine Publishing Association Launches Print Campaign

12 May 2011

The Magazine Publishers Association (MPA) of New Zealand has launched a new print campaign, developed by Y&R Auckland and tagged ‘Magazines Add. Add Magazines'. The MPA ad series intends to reinforce a unity of purpose in the New Zealand publishing industry, and follows a successful pan-publisher print campaign by USA publishers in 2010, created by Y&R New York.

The sophisticated creative is appearing in both trade and consumer magazines of MPA members, as diverse as AdMedia, Real, NZ Listener, Top Gear, and NZ Hardware Journal.

The New Zealand ad series was developed after Y&R Auckland research identified advertiser uncertainty around measuring return on investment from printed magazines.

The MPA is not advocating exclusive use of printed magazines, but rather the adding of magazines to enhance advertisers' media mix. The campaign maintains that magazines give advertisers high quality attributes that can successfully differentiate their brand.

"Magazines have many unique strengths as a media, particularly in their ability to increase brand equity" says MPA Marketing Manager, Kath Hurley. "Attributes such as Style, Glamour and Prestige are often associated with magazines, and Y&R research proves that these attributes contribute strongly to advertisers' brand success".

Magazines generally are known for having high production qualities, tactile appeal, and a high degree of value, trust and loyalty that consumers show toward magazine content, including ads. Advertisers gain credibility by being associated with a trusted magazine masthead brand, and benefit from magazines' aspirational environment.

"Most advertisers need to utilise a range of media, but adding magazines can provide ROI proportionately much higher than the same spend in other media", says Hurley. "International studies show that adding magazines also significantly improves audience recall, understanding and response".

The ad campaign is supported by website information at:




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