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Australian Magazine Brings Print Media to Digital Life through Smartphones

12 May 2011

Australia's V8X Magazine, a bi-monthly, introduced a first in Australian publishing when issue 63 hits the magazine stands across the country this week.

Dedicated V8 Supercar fans who regularly read V8X Magazine will be amongst the first consumers to cross the divide between print media and the internet by using V8X's Active Image publishing.

V8X Magazine readers will be able to download the free of charge Digimarc DiscoverTM application (from iTunes or Android Market) on their iPhones (4 Series onwards) or Android powered smartphones to deliver a range of rich media experiences to its readers simply by pointing their smartphone at an image which displays the Digimarc logo.

This technology will link V8X Magazine readers to a sample of the latest Xbox 360 game or link directly to interviews with V8 Supercar star drivers and action footage relating to the specific stories, news and reviews in V8X Magazine via their smartphones.

For V8X advertisers, the ability to link ANY on line content to their advertisements using the V8X Active Image Program finally enables them to combine appearing in popular print media publications, while increasing traffic to their websites and Facebook pages. It can also be used to link directly to on line competitions, product footage, television advertisements - literally anything that can be stored on line.

There are no barcodes or other insignia taking up editorial or advertising space when using V8X Magazine's Active Image with their smartphones. Invisible to the human eye, each watermark is published with the advertisement or editorial feature text or images, to enable the direct on line link to function 24/7.

According to V8X Magazine publisher and editor, Neville Wilkinson, "It is fantastic to be the first to deliver this technology to our readers. V8 Supercar racing is a spectacular sport, so it makes sense to have spectacular on line footage available to our readers within seconds of pointing their smartphones at an image or at editorial within the magazine.

For enhancement of our stories it is great, for enhancement of our advertisers' messages and traffic to their social media content or websites it is even better."

Bringing Digimarc technology to Australia is a major coup for the privately owned, Melbourne based V8X Magazine, which has enjoyed significant growth over the past decade both in its subscriber base and readership.


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