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Ownership of Digital Space for Magazines up for Grabs

27 May 2011

Harold Mitchell, founder of Mitchell and Partners believes that there is a real first mover opportunity for one of the big publishers to own the emerging digital opportunities for the magazine medium.

"We are all really excited about the prospects of cross platform magazine apps for the Australian market as many of us have already had some great personal experiences with magazine apps from overseas publications," he told Media Titles.

However he says that most of the current Australian apps are relatively unsophisticated and mainly limited to delivering the hard copy content on an additional platform.

"Right now is the time for publishers to own this area and seize the advantage, and for the future of magazines, we hope this will become an exciting area of competition between publishers in the near future."

Only when magazines bring their apps up to the standard of their overseas cousins, will we see much more significant advertising cross platform opportunities, he warns.

"The primary quality with digital is to engage more intimately with our customers and to help us bring stronger, more meaningful relationships with their readers and our brands. Another attribute of digital is the consumers become their own programmers and publishers.

An interesting development for magazines online is the magazine aggregation sites such as Flipboard and Zinio. These sites enable you to create your own magazine taking the content from many magazines and aggregating into your own online publication that you can access anywhere from your iPad or tablet," he says.

The future of magazine publishing is about embracing these digital attributes to become fully contemporary and relevant to all segments of their potential market to provide real innovation for advertisers, he advises.

"Apps are the key opportunity for online cross platform growth in share of advertising dollars and an app has to do something more for the consumer (and for the advertiser) than just be another way to read the print version of the title."


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