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Magazine Scores World First with Hand Inserted TV Commercial

30 Jun 2011

Fairfax's Sydney and Melbourne magazines, as part of a promotional campaign last week, carried a hand inserted, credit card-sized video screen as part of a $250,000 marketing campaign for Peroni.

The screens, which show a three-and-a-half minute video, were placed in 2,500 editions of Fairfax's The (Sydney) Magazine and The (Melbourne) Magazine, which come free with the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, respectively.

The screens were hand-inserted into the special editions to be distributed by hand to corporate workers in the state capitals by Peroni promo girls. The Melbourne run was distributed last week, with the Sydney run to be handed out this week.

Ravi Wagaarachchi, Fairfax's media planning and commercial print manager, said the technology proved the versatility of print advertising.

Wagaarachchi organised the outsourcing of components for the tiny screens from China, which were built by a team of computer technicians at Fairfax's Chullora site.

The quarter-of-a-million-dollar campaign embraces Italian style with an advertisement featuring a behind-the-scenes look at Peroni's glamorous 'Calendario' photo shoot.

Fairfax media creative manager Zac Skulander said that the project had been in the works for almost a year.

"We have seen some overseas examples using this technology for standalone direct marketing exercises, but what we really wanted to do was to this into the pages of our magazines," he said.

Source: ProPrint

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