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Publisher Targets iPad Readers with New Launch

30 Jun 2011

Three - a monthly life and culture magazine has been launched for the iPad. The new iPad periodical embraces a mixture of smart, artful writing and dynamic, subversive photojournalism. Three intends to create its edge exploring countercultural trends, emerging art, aspiring designers, burgeoning brands and adventurous pop culture.


Alongside the launch of Three, all Street Press Australia titles - The Drum Media (Sydney and Perth), Inpress and Time Off - will also become available in iPad format.

From September this year, the weekly SPA staples will exist in both print and app forms. In keeping with street press tradition, the theMusicReader App will be free.

SPA Managing Editor Andrew Mast says, "While keeping to our ethos of quality journalism and relevant music and arts coverage, the move to the iPad format will allow us to present content in a different fashion including audio and video embedded in the magazines. It also opens up the papers, and Australia music journalism, to a worldwide audience. The free reader app will be available worldwide and we look forward to attracting subscribers from around the globe."

The group's Managing Director Craig Treweek adds, "Our readership are traditionally early adopters of technology. And, with over 1.1 million iPads expected to be in use in Australia by the end of 2011, and 25 million worldwide, it is important that we offer all our titles in this format. The move to the iPad will offer both advertisers and editors the ability to present their content in a number of ways, using animation, audio and video alongside features like in-app-purchasing of music and direct linking to social networks."

A key component to the current titles moving to the iPad version will be that all print advertisers will appear in the iPad publications at no extra charge - plus they will have the ability to enhance their message using rich media at cost effective rates.

Treweek explains: "Alongside the advantages of the format, it recreates our circulation model. While the weekly titles will always have a printed version, the costs associated with print and distribution have restricted the ability for niche publishers to increase circulation in the past two years. The iPad edition existing alongside the printed magazine means circulation and readership is not confined to any specific location or number of printed copies and will grow based on our ability to provide interesting and compelling content."

The iPad evolution of SPA titles prefaces the publishing house's expansion of its online presence. SPA's internet hub will be unveiled in its entirety later in 2011 - it currently plays hosts to exclusive music streams and their much-talked-about electronic newsletter Your Daily SPA.

The theMusicReader App will be available for free download at the end of July with the first issue of Three available early August and weekly titles from September.

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