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CAB Campaign Aimed at Advertisers

18 Aug 2011

The Circulations Audit Board has launched its biggest-ever awareness campaign "Count on Us" to promote the importance of audited media with the support of CAB members through the roll out of ads across over 800 CAB audited print publications in September.

A series of ads promoting the importance of CAB audited data to advertisers will appear in leading trade titles in the next couple of months and circulated to over 800 CAB publisher members for inclusion in their September and October issues. These will be followed by the release of ads in November that allows publications to promote their new audited figure within the ad itself.

Online campaigns are also being developed and will be distributed to digital audit members over the coming weeks.

CAB chief executive Paul Dovas called on CAB members to get involved in the campaign and promote their accountability to the market and the protection audited media provides advertisers.

"The main purpose of this campaign is to bring awareness to advertisers and their agencies about the value of audited media and to always lookout for CAB audited titles. You wouldn't hire an employee without checking their references - buying advertising should be viewed in the same way - no audit, no spend.

"We encourage all our members to use these ads to promote all the great work they do to prove their credibility and show they are committed to providing trustworthy numbers to their advertisers."

CAB president Rob Yeomans said the organisation is working hard to ensure the advertisers are aware of the importance of audited data. Yeomans said: "In light of the millions lost through media scams each year, it is more important than ever to get the message out about audited media."

The CAB conservatively estimates that over $29m is lost through media scams each year, based on complaints received from businesses who have been the victims of media scammers.

In the past year alone, more than 150 ‘fake' publications are estimated to have been operating in Australia, tricking businesses into spending money on advertisements that never reach their intended audience, and paying fake invoices.

A searchable mobile website has been created called "ABA Quick Data" that can be used to access masthead reports of CAB member titles quickly and while on the move. The mobile website will allow advertisers to check if a title exists, is audited by the CAB and its Average Net Distribution figure. An "ABA Quick Data" app is also in development.

The mobile site can be accessed at

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