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Google's Quest for Publishers High Quality Content

19 Oct 2011

For years, Google has been saying its mission is to index the world's content, however publishers have struggled with understanding how their legacy content, sometimes reserved in formats not compatible with the open web, could fit into and compliment the search giant's motto.

In FIPP's current edition of Magazine World Kim Mateus, chief content officer, Mequoda, USA, and course leader of the upcoming FIPP Digital Publishing Course explains that publishers can benefit from the search giant's continuous changes.

She concludes by saying that there are a few things that remain constant. On-page SEO is still important. This includes using keywords in your title tag, URL, headline, subheads, and throughout the body copy. This must be handled in a natural, consistent and disciplined way and is required in order for Google to properly index your site.

Site architecture is also still important. Creating keyword-rich topic pages and tag pages and having anchor text pointing to the most important pages on your site is still key to a healthy, well-optimised website.

It is critical to share your content in every avenue possible. The more channels you can distribute your content through that are applicable to your audience, including blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., the better chances you'll have of being found and recommended to others' social circles, increasing your relevance in this digital world.

Read what Kim has to say by going to the article in FIPP's digital edition of Magazine World, where she covers:

  • Life before February 2011
  • Google using social signals in their ranking algorithm
  • Welcome to Panda, the beginning to the end of low quality web content
  • The good news for publishers
  • Community is the future of SEO and Google steps right in it

Many of these final points are covered in FIPP's Digital Publishing Course, taking place from 7-11 November 2011 in Sydney, Australia.

Book your place today on the next course. Alternatively contact Jenny Stubbs at

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