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Social Media and Tablets Hot Topics at International Publishing Conference

19 Oct 2011

Ralph Büchi, head of the international division, Axel Springer, Germany, said that young readers and users will change the reader behaviour for the company's products.

Speaking in a session about e-publishing at the 38th FIPP World Magazine Congress in New Delhi, India, this week Büchi said that tablet devices give access to new users, and stated that the readership of Axel Springer title Bild doubled just by concentrating on the brand's website. Now, 90 per cent of Bild's website users are new readers.

Neil Morgan, managing director, McPheters and Company, UK, explained how the company's iMonitor survey works, and proceeded to give delegates advice on what makes a great app. According to Morgan, an app should have a great design, but it also needs to be easy to navigate and allow the user to see different sections and articles clearly. He said a good app should also be optimised for orientation, and gave examples of publishers who have introduced shuffle articles, adding events to the iPad calendar, creating multiple user accounts and saving images to the iPad photo album. Also, being able to read the content that has been downloading while the app is still downloading is a plus point. Finally, Morgan said a good app should be highly functional, include rich media content, audio, animation, video, social media links and links to live feeds.

Peo Strindlund, vice president of sales, Europe and Asia, Mag+, Sweden, presented some interesting trends on advertising in tablet publications, and showed some of the results of research into Bonnier's apps. They discovered that 35 per cent spent more time on the page, 64 per cent spent more time on ads and the apps had 21 per cent increased visibility. Strindlund said that ads on apps are perceived as editorial, positive, interesting and something that adds value.

Luke Nathan from Iris Worldwide, USA, gave delegates his advice on creating topical ads in the social media session at the 38th FIPP World Magazine Congress in New Delhi, India this week

Nathan said that topical ads are nothing new, but it is important to realise that the web has "turbo-charged" things, and if you want to make a statement, you have to be quick.

"You have nine seconds to get a user's attention on your website" said Nathan, "consumers want everything NOW, and in real time." His advice included adopting an editorial mindset, keeping it fresh, be genuine and relevant and identify key influencers and passion points of your brand.

Sergio Zalis, editor-in-chief, Contigo Group, Grupo Abril, Brazil then gave a really interesting account of Contigo! magazine's social media activity, saying that within 48 hours of setting up a Facebook page for the brand, it had more than 100,000 fans. "You need to strengthen your content, offer quality branding and create synergy between platforms", advised Zalis.

Svida Alisjahbana, president, director and CEO, Femina Group, Indonesia, explained how the role of the editor has changed, and has become chief community officer. In this role, the person responsible should manage all aspects of content, channels and community. "Content is king, but conversation is kingdom" said Alisjahbana, reiterating that brands should create a really ‘noisy' dialogue with their readers and encourage response.


Source: FIPP


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