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Online Advertising Networks Release First Adspend Report

03 Nov 2011

Internet Advertising Sales Houses of Australia (IASH Australia) have released the first report on online advertising spend in Australia covered by its online ad networks and sales houses, including revenue covering general display, email and video based advertising.

The report released by IASH Australia members AD2ONE Group, Adconion, Digital Network Sales, Gorilla Nation Media Australia, JEMM Group, Max Interactive, PostClick, 3D Interactive, Tribal Fusion and Valued Interactive Media reveals that advertising spend for the first six-months of 2011 was $39.8 million.

The release covering the ad sales house sector identifies strong growth in Display Advertising reporting an increase of 17 per cent from Q1 to Q2, with Q1 reported at $18.1million and Q2 reported at $21.7million.

The report also covers video based advertising in this sector highlighting its strong contribution to overall ad spend growth with 32.6 per cent growth in the half-year, representing a contribution of 12.9 per cent of overall Display Advertising revenues.

The data reflects overall online industry performance as reported by IAB Australia's Online Advertising Expenditure Report which reported Display Advertising for the first six-months of 2011 at $161,750,000 with 13.6 per cent of Display Advertising reported by IASH Australia members.

Andrew Lockwood, IASH Australia's President and Managing Director of PostClick commented ‘the release of this data adds richness and context to information currently available about the online marketplace and indicates the maturity and importance of a sector that contributes strong revenue growth'

He added ‘that there is an increasing awareness of the diversity amongst ad networks and sales houses and that as a sector of the online display advertising eco-system they continue to thrive despite increasingly adverse market conditions.'

The IASH Australia release will continue on a half-yearly basis covering Display Advertising with separate reporting of video advertising.

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