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News Mags Launched NewsLife Media

24 Nov 2011

News Limited's magazine division has launched a new brand structure, to distance itself from its major competition ACP and Pacific, this week which recognises that printed magazines are on the wane. NewsLifeMedia is the new brand for the company which is aligning its business around six key lifestyle verticals covering print and digital platforms for the web, tablets and smartphones.

The publisher sold off its specialist and men's titles last year, and shut down titles like Vogue Entertaining and Travel in the lead-up to today's announcement.

NewsLifeMedia CEO Sandra Hook has been arguing hard for her division to become the "lifestyle arm" of News Limited, which has now got the nod.

The new name and restructure makes a clean break from Pacific Magazines and ACP, which have been somewhat slower to expand their print titles aggressively into digital platforms. NewsLifeMedia (NLM) says it no longer sees itself as a magazine publisher.

"We really want to be in a space where we create brands and then monetise them but they are brands across any media, print, tablet and beyond," NLM commercial director Zara Curtis told AdNews.

However, Curtis said the "tipping point" for when digital media revenues supercede print was not imminent.

"We don't see it on the horizon in the next five years," she said. "We see magazines being relatively strong. I guess our focus for NLM is to be where the audience wants to be. The new name is a signifier of change. We are making sure we are ahead of the curve and trying to embrace digital assets. This is a line in the sand for us. We are prepared to do business a bit differently to the rest. In the future who knows who our competitors are. It's definitely not going to be just ACP or Pacific. It is going to be a broad range of multimedia and we want to be there as best in market."

NLiM has overhauled its organisational structure so that digital content now comes under the remit of publishers who have expanded powers - they now cover content creation and revenues for all digital and print assets across six "lifestyle verticals". They are: Food, fashion, Home, Health, Parenting and Weekend.

Source: AdNews

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